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The FICCI conveys diversity and the young vision in its official image for the 63rd edition.

  • Since its creation in 1960, the FICCI has been a meeting space for cinematic innovation. The Festival is a unique stage for film professionals and audiences from around the world.

  • More than five thousand films have been screened in its history, discovering young talent for over six decades.

  • The young artist Raquel Sofía Moreno is the creator of the official image for the 63rd edition.

The official image of the 63rd edition of the International Film Festival of Cartagena de Indias - FICCI, represents the fusion between cinema and culture. The visual narrative of the poster captures the essence of the festival, which year after year has become the must-attend event showcasing the best of world, Ibero-American, and local cinema. The artist behind the design is Raquel Moreno, winner of the "Premio Arte Joven Colombia 2022", who was part of the "Hacedores Jóvenes" collective, a group of artists that began with auction editions to circulate works of art by emerging artists, as well as offering cultural programs such as talks and performances.


Hacedores Jóvenes is composed of Valentina Anzola, Jaime Aguirre, and Camilo Egea, and it is where they meet Raquel Moreno, a Visual Arts student at the Javeriana University who, due to her great talent and her relationship with cinema, was nominated to carry out this important task: the creation of the official image of the oldest film festival in Latin America.


After being selected among several young artists, she, along with Ansgar Vogt, artistic director, constructed the visual identity of this image, based on three key words: cinephilia, industry, and academia; from there, they developed a composition of figures, shapes, and symbols, along with a color palette that evokes the depth of the sea with green tones and the strength of the Caribbean sun with orange tones.


"I wanted to choose elements that characterized Cartagena a lot, so I chose the sea, and also, for the color palette, I wanted to use something similar to the colors of the city's flag, as well as a very important element of it, like the star. To relate to cinema, I depicted people filming, people who observe the world through the camera" expresses Raquel Moreno, author of the official image of FICCI 63, as she recounts her experience.


The creative process was supported by Cartagena-based designer Juan Manuel Galindo and the festival's communication agency, Atrezzo Comunicaciones. Likewise, each visual element in the poster, from the camera to the screen, evokes the power of cinema as a universal expression that transcends age, language, or ethnicity. It's important to note that images have the ability to immediately capture our attention, conveying messages that words often cannot express.

For this edition, in line with Ansgar Vogt's vision, FICCI presents a series of posters that will identify each section of the festival, reflecting diversity and new perspectives with unique images like those created by Raquel.


Vogt explains his vision for the 63rd edition through the official image and what it represents for him: "It's not just about a single poster, but several; a commitment to identifying and empowering new emerging voices like Raquel's. Each of the posters for the sections we will have in this edition - Official Selection, Academy, Industry, and NIDO, Audiovisual Industry Convention - features individual characters drawn from the work of this talented young artist, allowing us to see, feel, and experience the Festival through the eyes of new audiences”.


However, FICCI's goal is not only to explore diversity in terms of content, but also to extend it as a fundamental tool to promote the inclusion of all identities. In this way, viewers are invited to reflect on what unites us as human beings.


In this sense, the official image and its other versions become a powerful platform to promote the values and perspectives that the 63rd edition will bring: diversity, inclusion, and the celebration of cinematic art in all its forms. It's a call to all cinema lovers, inviting them to immerse themselves in a universe of fascinating, eclectic stories, and unique experiences that will be lived in Cartagena from April 16th to 21st, 2024.


The official program of the 63rd edition will be announced on March 13th at a press conference at the Cinemateca de Bogotá, with transmission through the Festival's social media channels and its main partners. 

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